I come from a diverse family. My mother’s side is 100% Puerto Rican. Growing up I lived in a Spanish household with lots of culture from the food through the language.

Technology is in my blood.

My father’s legacy carries a rich history of computers with my Grandfather working for IBM in the 1960’s. My Father managed large data center installations for healthcare institutions. I myself am heavily involved with digital marketing and my son is a computer geek as well. The force is strong with us.

My grandfather and father are both accomplished public speakers. I gave my first public speech at age 10 and still cherish live training and public speaking engagements.

I started my sales career at age 12 selling magazines door-to-door.
At age 14 I had 2 newspaper routes.
By age 16 I had purchased my own vehicle, paid my own car insurance, and held down a part-time job delivering pizza all while attending high school.

I started my first digital agency, Pagoda Media, in 1999 with the help of a childhood friend. We were the first agency in town to offer traditional print advertising and web design under the same roof.

In the year 2000 I got married, had my son Aydan, and purchased a house. It was an exciting year to say the least.

For the next 11 years I honed my skills, built business connections, and lived the freelance life. At age 30, I sold my agency to a competing firm and since then I have continued to grow as a professional, attend conferences, and (of course) manage digital marketing both in-house and agency side.

In 2017 I took on the role of Director of Marketing and Talent Acquisition for a team of IT engineers called Critical Design Associates. I manage all aspects of marketing and also travel as a representative of the company, meeting clients in person and attending industry events.