What I Do


SEO Business Intelligence Reporting
The initial research that begins the SEO process. Includes keyword research, on-page SEO audit, search visibility audit, screaming frog crawls to identify technical issues, online competitor analysis, Google analytics/search console review and audit. A suggested strategy is developed based on research findings. A report is sent via email and will include non-branded video explanation.

Keyword Research
Going beyond keyword phrase search volumes, I use a blend of Google Trends, Moz Keyword Explorer, AdWords data, Search Console & Analytics, and SEM Rush to provide a list of 20-30 keywords that should be the focal point of website optimization efforts. Website content is grouped and themes of suggested phrases are provided for each content grouping.

Website SEO Audit
Complete on-page website SEO audit starting with a Screaming Frog crawl to identify technical SEO improvements. I then review the website for conversion rate issues and offer suggestions for improvement. Review keyword targeting, heading tags, image optimization tags, and structured data markup. Review Google search index status, verify XML sitemap configuration, and robots.txt file. Conduct page load time speed testing, mobile speed testing, and produce a report of server side errors. A report is sent via email and will include non-branded video explanation.

Search Visibility Audit
This report suggests off-page SEO efforts that should be considered. Includes business data alignment (NAPW) review, Google search index status report, backlink analysis, plagiarism and duplicate content checking, and online review and reputation report.

Online Competitor Analysis
I research top five online competitors to identify their keyword rankings, AdWords budget, link building strategy, website specifications, social media participation & advertising, and related business intelligence data. The report includes strategy overview and excel sheet with research data.

Strategy Consulting & Training
Work directly with in-house teams to provide strategy consulting or on-site training.


Google Analytics / Search Console Account Audit
Perform a complete audit of Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.

Google Analytics / Search Console Account Configuration
Enhance standard Google Analytics tracking by implementing Google suggested best practices.

Advanced Analytics Configuration
Setup of critical website tracking and reporting not available within Google Analytics.
Click tracking, scroll tracking, session recording, form submission tracking, phone call tracking, and custom reporting.


Setup, configuration, and optimization of Shopify, Shopify Plus, and WordPress WooCommerce stores.

Blend new SEO tactics with traditional SEO techniques for maximum reach and exposure.

Setup of advanced analytics, custom reporting, “end-to-end” lead sourcing.

Management of paid search and paid social advertising.

Strategy and budget planning for e-commerce store owners looking to enhance digital marketing efforts.


Setup of call centers, development of call scripts, and call flow processes.

Advanced direct mail strategies.

Digital marketing within the auto industry.

Development of internal agency business processes.

Public speaking and blog writing.