Bell Tower Photo Shoot

Logo & Branding   /   Print Design


So the story goes as follows. Bell Tower Salon & Spa had contracted my agency to produce a “menu” booklet that would be used to promote their products and services.

I was working with Tony Jackson to create the design layout and one the key ingredients to our vision was insanely killer photos.

We had previously worked with photographer, David Schrott, to produce photos for our new agency website and felt he would be a perfect fit for the project.

My role in this project was the coordination of the entire full day photo shoot. Since this photo shoot was content for an upcoming advertising campaign, I was heavily involved with art direction of many of the shots.

I personally scouted locations, spent many hours coordinating resources, made phone calls and emails between our internal design team, the salon along with their team of make-up artists, hair stylists, and models. It was a large endeavor that had to pay off.

It goes without saying that this photo shoot was a huge success. Everything came together and everyone brought their A game.

A big thanks goes to David Schrott for pulling out all the stops with the photography. Also must thank Mr Fat Pete Records for allowing us to use his backyard pond as the backdrop for amazing outdoor photos.









And the finished product in action.

Here are some behind the scenes pics of David in action. A big thanks goes to Tony Jackson for helping with the photo shoot.